Ma bahki arabi


So it had been a while since I travelled across the Atlantic and let me tell you, the trip was not easy. Iberia was less than amazing and by the time I got to the Barajas airport in Madrid I could do nothing but adopt some gate chairs as my temporary bed. But it was all worth it because after 20 hours of traveling I finally made it to Amma.

ImageI am still in the process of getting a good camera so Instagram and my phone will have to do for now.

But you can follow me on Instagram @journalandwander



My roommate, documented my grandiose arrival to Queen Alia International Airport, which is beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it but trust me it’s so pretty.

With the last bit of energy left in my body we decided to go to our apartment, but not without first stopping to eat the best kanafeh in Amman. Kanafeh is a cheese-based dessert, popular in Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Egypt. It is sweetened with honey syrup, topped a sort of crispy noodles and pieces of pistachios.


With out bellies full of sweets we headed off to our apartment near the University of Jordan and in a neighborhood where a good amount of students live. Our new cul-de-sac is made out of white stone and very thick walls to keep the heat out in the summer and inside in the winter. But best of all is the balcony in our flat where every morning we get a traditional view of a jordanian neighborhood:



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