So here is a Trip I did not blog about yet but which is worth to mention just because it may be the best place to take pictures… ever.


It is one of the most beautiful places in the world since it is a giant desert with shades of red, orange and yellow and amazing rock mountains, if you ever have the chance to go you definitely should.

In our case we went with friends who live here and in their car, but since there are tons of tourist places in Jordan renting a car shouldn’t be hard. The trip is about two to three hours depending on how far your camp is.

We took some pics on the way.


I didn’t get the sunglass memo, clearly. But yes this is an Instagram pic you can follow me @journalandwander



On the way there we decided to do a photo shoot, because just look at that perfect sky!


Then we arrived to a parking where we left our cars and took a Jeep tour, that resembled a Bedouin rally, fun and scary.


Just in time to see a wonderful sunset.




The guys let us take waaaay too many pictures but they were total sports about it!


We then went to our camp, which is like most in Wadi Rum, managed by bedouins who provide you with dinner. Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you will get a more genuine experience. In our case (us girls preferred bathrooms) so we got pretty awesome tents with a shower and toilet and electricity until well into the night.





(Don’t know why this pic came out with a date but, khalas!)

This was our camp with a fireplace in the middle where everyone sat while dinner was cooked. We had Zaarb, which is a typical bedouin dinner that is cooked underground in an earth oven. The oven is heated with special wood that produces high burning heat. Lamb pieces are laid inside the earth oven and then it is sealed. Two hours later the oven is opened in front of the guests and the feast begins!

Because it was at night the photos didn’t come out very well, but trust me it was delicious.

We had planned for a camel tour, but some unexpected consequences we couldn’t go, I still have to overcome my fear of riding a camel, perhaps on my next trip.

Having spent a great time with friends and a night filled with laughs, music, and some adventure, we said goodbye to the camp and got to get a final glimpse of the splendid horizon.


(Damn date function -_-)


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