Souk Jara

So having come back from Wadi Rum and Palestine, we’ve come back to Amman and started Arabic lessons, which are awesome but also feel like your brain got run over, sometimes.

So we decided to hit the Souk Jara market in Rainbow Street in one of the hippest places in Amman. It is open every Friday during the summer and it is the perfect place to buy traditional sweets, carpets, jewelry and other knick-knacks while enjoying a beautiful (and more westernish) part of Amman.



Before going to the market make sure you stop at the view and take a pic!

You may also get a show from musicians hanging there.


Off to the market!!!


You will find some super fresh honey, like see-the-bees-make it, kind of fresh!Image


And you might catch some amazing microfashion.


The girls and I decided to get some henna that we latter how to show off everywhere. Some advise make sure it is completely dry before going to sleep or you may wake up with some flowers on your face.



ImageImageImageAnd later some hookah (arguile in Arabic) in a beautiful coffee shop that features actors dressed as the characters of a popular Syrian show (and one is presumably the actual actor).Image

After some hookah, coffee and tea we headed home to wrap up a night well spent.


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