So amid my trip to Jordan my wonderful dad decided to invite me on a father-daughter trip. After a hard debate between Paris and Prague the former center of the Bohemian and Morevia empires.

First stop after hauling our bags through the metro and a couple of stairs (I recommend taking a taxi for about 700 czech crowns, about US$35) we decided to refuel with some traditional Czech food which included potato patties, duck and ham at Novemestsky Pivovar.





ImageFollowed by what was a magical Christmas night on the street where we listened to music and it suddenly started snowing. Of course, yours truly, could not help sticking out her tongue to catch some snowflakes and looking like a complete tourist. To keep warm we of course drank some warm wine and some hydro-honey (that is what my dad understood, but apparently it is a honey liquor so if anyone knows the name please send it my way).  Image


Cold on the face but warm in the heart (and a little woozie) we decided to go back to the hotel to take the city by storm the next day.

This is an opening post for the whole story of Prague once I have a little time.


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