The last of Prague

So for a four day trip we did so much and took so many picture I just had to do one more post. I went to Prague on the first week of December, which has its cons and pros. On the downside it is freezing and it gets dark at around 4 – 4:30 p.m. On the upside there as not as many tourists so you can actually walk around and take your time taking pictures, from what I’ve heard in the summer it gets insanely crowded.

One of the must see places is definite is St. Charles bridge. It is an amazing piece of architecture made out of hard rock and adorned y statues on either side in very gothic-like design.




You can see swans, which was amazing for me because my favorite movie growing up was the Swan Princess.



Definitely go up to the Powder Tower in one of the nicest areas of the city. Aside from its amazing architecture you can also take colorful picture of the skyline.



The best thing about Prague is that everything is at walking distance including one of the most fun things to watch the Astronomical clock. It is a “real piece of clock…work” (sorry I had to) which show the time in different measurements. It was installed in 1410 which is why it depicts the world in the middle while the sun an the moon rotate around in mounted on the handles. It also has the zodiac signs, and pictures of the daily life in medieval Prague. At ever o’clock it is a show to watch since the clock rings and from the two windows you can see all of the 12 apostles turn while death, represented by a skeleton rings a bell (kind of macabre, I know). It end with the rooster at the top making its call.

IMG_2102 IMG_0568 IMG_0573

Two other places worth visiting if you have some extra time are the Lennon wall, which started off as a protest against the communist regime with a graffiti of John Lennon. The original painting no longer exists, but people have over time written and painted over it taking their time to leave some of their history behind.

The other place are the gardens, this are more worth while during the Spring but if you fancy a stroll in the park these are the places to go. Additionally, you can stop by and visit the monument to the fallen victims of the communist regime.

IMG_0598 IMG_0590


Have you ever been to Prague? What do you recommend as places to go? Also what do you hope I write more about?

To end this trip here is a the giant pig’s knee my dad and I ate: It was amazeballs!!!



2 thoughts on “The last of Prague

  1. Beautiful pictures of Prague! I’ve been there twice and each time loved it. I saw the same sights as you did. Walking around is an easy way to see the sights of the city. The architecture is amazing!

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