Drowned in Snow

So when I came back from Prague freezing a little I came to the big surprise that Amman was freezing too! And was also getting ready for the arrival of Alexa the largest snow storm to hit the Middle East.


It snowed constantly for four days which obviously meant I had to go out and make snowballs. The streets were filled with people having impromptu snow fights in the street and helping each other push cars that got stuck.



The scene was chaotic in the most part since Jordan doesn’t really have the resources to salt the roads beforehand and remove the meter and a half of snow that ended up accumulating. It was in all a crazy experience since our apartment doesn’t have heating which meant bundling up in as many layers as we could before going to sleep and huddling together next to a gas heater we have.


For the city in general and for our University the affair was not so pleasant. At one point it was being said that damages and clean up to Jordan University is estimated between JD5million and JD7 million.


That is our beloved juice stand that got crushed by tree. Hopefully it will be fixed for next semester.




Was anyone there for this storm, maybe in other countries in the region?

How was it?

What are some of the most inclement weather stories you’ve had?


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