Sheikh Zayed Mosque, a whole lot of work

So of course I had a grand old time in the emirates pretending that I was part of the royal family since I share their last name, but I am not, the closest I am to the amount of massari (money) they have is in my dreams.

Nonetheless Zayed is a well-known name sin Dubai and Abu Dhabi since Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is considered the driving force behind the unison of the emirates and was its first president sparking the incredible growth this country has had over the last half century.

Sheikh Zayed passed away in 2004 but he would not be a true royal if he didn’t leave something behind for example the amazing Sheikh Zayed mosque which is made all out of white marble, and decorated in other colored stones and mother of pearl. A truly astounding architectural masterpiece that will most likely stand for centuries to come.



The day wasn’t the best so we had to settle for a view of the mosque with a greyish backdrop, which was still outstanding.

During the tour I looked pretty halal since it is required for all women to cover their hair before entering the mosque. Capes with hats are available but if you rather use your one clothes there are some tips you should follow.

For girls: hair must be fully covered with a scarf around head and neck, long sleeves and a loose shirt are best. As for pants they have to be loose, mine for example were on the borderline of acceptable. To be safe wear a long skirt or dress.

For boys: No need to cover your hair guys, but definitely no short-sleeved shirts or shorts.

An extra tip if you’re going in winter: Take socks! You are not allowed to wear your shoes and trust me (I was wearing ballet flats) walking on cold marble is not that enjoyable.

IMG_0944 IMG_0936

The decorations both outside and inside are a true work of art.

IMG_0954 IMG_0960 IMG_0958

In this occasion I got to meet my cousin, who I’d never met before because she has lived in Abu Dhabi for years!


All lamps are made with the best Murano crystal from Italy. (And in my opinion kinda look like candy)


One of my favorite part within the mosque was definitely the back wall, which contained all of the 99 names God is believed to have in a beautiful and intricate design.


Tired and a bit cold from our adventures we decided to tour around by car and later have a cafe to end our adventure at Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

What has been one of the most amazing man-made structures you’ve ever seen?


5 thoughts on “Sheikh Zayed Mosque, a whole lot of work

  1. Wow. How spectacular. I’m definitely adding this to my travel to do list. We lived in Saudi Arabia and Egypt when I was younger, and so I’d say the Pyramids at Giza or maybe the temple of Ramesses II at Aswan were the most amazing mad made structures I’ve ever seen. Notre Dame is up there on the list as well.

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