A collection of resistance graffitti

As you may or may not know one of the consequences of the Israeli occupation of Palestine is a separation barrier, or as the Israeli government has called it a security barrier. Nonetheless the reality is the barrier has been constructed within the West Bank and when it is completed would have annexed about 80% of it.

It additionally has divided cities and left some families on one side of the border and the rest on the other side, requiring some Palestinians to acquire visas and permits to visit relatives just meters away from them.

Most of the wall is made of wire and checkpoints but in some places, such as Bethlehem the wall is 8 meters tall and made of solid cement including watch towers every somewhat meters.

A symbol of oppression has also become a canvas to show the resistance of the Palestinians and the

IMG_1190 IMG_2826

IMG_1192 IMG_1199

Upon completion, the barrier’s total length will be approximately 700 kilometers.

IMG_1210 IMG_1211

Parts of the barrier are built on land seized from Palestinians,or between Palestinians and their lands.


IMG_1212 IMG_1214

IMG_0409 IMG_0404 IMG_0408

Once completed, some 27,520 to 31,000 Palestinians will be captured on the Israeli side. Another 124,000, on the other hand, will effectively be controlled and isolated. Some 230,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem will be placed on the West Bank side.

IMG_0401 IMG_0402


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