Party it up in Istanbul

One of my favorite parts about Istanbul is the mix the city has between it’s history and century-old buildings and cosmopolitan living. though you can find regular restaurants that offer any type of food you can imagine, I decided to try out one of the traditional must dos of the city: dinner and a belly dance show.

Yes, I know it is a little touristy to do that, but trust me this place puts a whole new spin on the soirée. It’s called Arabesque, it is not particularly the most true to the Turkish culture experience, since it is a Lebanese restaurant, but it is a good way to see the belly dancing.

Basically it works like this: you make a reservation, weekdays are cheaper but much more empty while weekends are a packed but you pay a little more, and then you get a ton of middle eastern food and either non-stop soda, beer or wine. We went for the white wine, which is undoubtedly cheap, but when it flows like water it will do the trick.





They have pretty funky plates and decoration, plus and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G mountain top view of the city.

IMG_2594 IMG_2592

IMG_2600 IMG_1082 IMG_1085




Soooo interesting fact about this place is that they have both male and female belly dancers, and the guys have nothing to envy the ladies. After the show they come down to dance with the guest which turns into a full blown party.




Fo a short video check my Instagram profile accompanying the post.

What is one of the most outrageous parties you’ve been abroad?



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