The kingdom of Petra

If you ever find yourself in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, make sure you hit up it’s flagship destination Petra. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and definitely honors it’s status.

Also known as the Rose City because of the color of the rock, it was possibly established as early as 312 BCE as the capital city of the Nabataeans and it is known for its carving and it sophisticated water system.IMG_1398The walk to Petra is as much of a spectacle as the actual sites since you have to go through a narrow opening called the Siq. You have to choice to walk it, ride a camel or a chariot pulled by horses or donkeys, it’s a light walk for the first part so we opted to tread it and take super touristy pictures. Traveler’s Tip: Make sure you put on sunblock and take a big hat because the sun can get pretty intense and there are not many places to hide. Also keep hydrated!IMG_1411In my case I wore my white converse, though I recommend better hiking shoes, athletic leggings and H&M log dress and my totally touristy but still awesome Gap jean shirt. Oh and what came to be known as the mushroom hat.IMG_1413After traveling through The Siq, you arrive at this temple where most tourists take their first pictures and probably the most popular site in Petra. The boys decided to be a little silly, while us girls kept our posture and smiled.IMG_1415 IMG_1416From there on the hike gets tough so you have the option to ride a camel all the way to the bottom of the monastery and then up the mountain on a donkey or hike it up yourself.IMG_1452You may get some smiling camels, but make sure you negotiate the price of the ride. In general, camels and donkeys are guided by the local Bedouins who are known for their hospitality.IMG_1476Once you’re up there you will see the monastery which is breathtaking and in fact functioned as a tomb. Make sure to take some pictures and talk to the bedouins. Additionally you can go up to the highest view where you can see the Wadi of Aqaba and Palestine from afar and feel pretty damn small.

IMG_1481 IMG_1485IMG_1504Tired and sweaty from the almost 6 hour hike, we came down the mountain and said our goodbyes to Petra, but not without completing my main purpose of riding a camel!

IMG_1509What are some of your favorite hiking places?

What have been you best hiking experiences or adventures? I would love to know!



9 thoughts on “The kingdom of Petra

  1. This is definitely on my bucket list. As to your question we have had many adventures. One of the best was rafting the Colorado. River through the Grand Canyon.

    • Thank you! You will totally have a blast but definitely bring some sunblock and drink lots of water because it is heating up already, and thank for reading!

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