Adventures in Jordan

So Jordan is not exactly the place to be the fittest. You don’t really see people running around the streets, everyone smokes a ton and the food is amazingly delicious plus soaked in olive oil most of the time. Yet somehow there is a way to keep fit in the land of deserts, and that is exploring, or you can pay a gym membership, but that is no fun.

One great way is to hike, like everywhere. Jordan has a ton of of wadis which you can day trip in and range in difficulty including some that require some swimming.

Experience Jordan: I haven’t personally tried this company but my friends have talked wonders about it. It organizes day trips every weekend including sometimes lunch or even an over night stay. On their Facebook page you can see their upcoming trips.


Biking: If cruising around the countryside is more your thing there are plenty of bike shops that organize trips and will rent you a bike and helmet for the day and in all about 35JD including lunch.Jordan in particular offers great views and awesome sunsets. Some of the companies I’ve used are:

Cycling Jordan:

Nader Bikes:

Also if you like your exercise with a side of charity check out the yearly event of Cycling4Palestine, where all proceeds will go to a different charity every year. In this occasion it went to support the arts in east Jerusalem. Find out a bit more here: and here: in the Welfare Association for Youth.


IMG_3435 IMG_3443

Now if you’re really intense about your exercise, or if you like knafe a little too much you can do the races and marathons available during spring, mostly.

Dead2Red is an all time favorite, obviously because it consists of running 242Km from the Dead Sea to Aqaba in the Red Sea. But don’t go crazy it is done by 10-person teams, so you will each run about 24 km. The whole event last about 20 hours and probably 2 days to recover from. Here you can find more info:

Also there is the Dead Sea Marathon which holds two more events in the year and you can choose between 10K, 21K or 50K. The best about this marathon is you can top it off with some time at the hotels at the Dead Sea and a mud facial to relax after your hard work. However,  in all fairness I do think the rates for foreigners are pretty over the top, so if you have a Jordanian residence during your stay make sure you use that. More info here:

IMG_3183 IMG_3187

And you get a pretty fancy shmanzy medal just for finishing.


So go on out there and loose all those extra kilos and then have a cocktail or big lunch in one of the great places you visit to gain them back -sans the guilt of course.

BTW how do you keep fit during traveling?

How do you indulge in the local cuisine without indulging in the extra kilos?


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