Beirut: Beautiful and complicated

So you might have seen my post on Lebanon where I detailed that I could not spend any time in Beirut because a bomb had gone off right as I was entering the city, well I wasn’t gonna leave it at that of course. With a couple of friend we decided to take Beirut once again…and it was AMAZING.  So as you may know Lebanon has a bit of a complicated political situation, which can easily destabilize the country. Much of the country as well as the city is controlled by political militia groups instead of the government. This creates many problems, but it also gives Beirut a certain air of risk even though on a regular day you won’t even notice the tension. Additionally, it is one pretty city.

Pigeon’s Rock – Al Raouché

There is a pretty cool place in Beirut where there are giant rock formations including one where you can drive a boat underneath. Do beware though it is not the most touristic place and it is a slightly conservative place so you may get some stares. Also I am sad to say that a lot of trash gets thrown down the mountain making the area look dirty. Despite all of this it is definitely worth the visit. IMG_1549 IMG_1540

Street Art and Graffiti 

One of the things I love about Beirut is the tons of street art and graffiti around the city. Including this amazing one that decorates the whole side of the building. And of course since this a very politically charged country it has a lot of political or social criticism graffiti.

IMG_3320 IMG_3312 IMG_3337

Old and new and the scars of war

I do have to say that one of the big charms about Beirut is the amount of history that is packed into it and how much of it you can see just walking through the streets. The whole city has become a contrast of old and new having pre war buildings still standing while other parts are completely new and modern.

Since Beirut felt a bulk of the civil war and was in many parts leveled down to the ground you can still see most of the old buildings marked by bullet holes while other have not yet reached reconstruction and stand there as a constant reminder. I know pretty scary.

IMG_1538 IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_3309

Then there is the super fancy and new area sprinkled with stores like Valentino, Louis Vouitton, Prada and much more topped off by the Rolex clock tower in the middle of a plaza. Here you can also go to Uruguay Street at night for a good time since you will find cool bars and a nice scene, without all the hassle of the big clubs.


Other places to look: 

Definitely go by the Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque which was built by a former Prime Minister and stands near the newest part of Beirut. Also make sure you go to the Zaitunay Bay since the water is beautiful and you can go party at night in the outdoors during the summer at St. Georges.



2 thoughts on “Beirut: Beautiful and complicated

  1. I love this thank you for sharing your journey! I was just in Lebanon as well and it is such a beautiful country! It is so sad seeing these terrifying bombings happening there!!

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