On the top of Amman

Even though Amman holds a place close to my heart I can see how it may not be the most touristic of places. It is nothing like the jewels of Jordan such as Petra, Wadi Rum and Jerash, but that doesn’t mean the capital doesn’t have its own hidden gems.

Near the city center, in a neighborhood called Jabal Amman, there is the old citadel. Also known as Jabal Al-Qala, there is evidence that people settled there over 7,000 year ago, making it one of the longest inhabited places on earth, and the home to many empires that rose and fell.

Much of it remains unexcavated, but nonetheless you can come in and spend a great afternoon walking around the ruins and taking in the city landscape.

Though my traveler’s tip would be to at least for one call for prayer since all the mosques around the city start singing and the music bounces of the mountains. From above you can hear how it almost sounds as if they were communicating.

IMG_3210 IMG_3201 IMG_3208 IMG_3209 IMG_3207 IMG_3215 IMG_3213 IMG_3212 IMG_3211 IMG_3216


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