(136 km., 762 curves) x 2 – PAILAND

There are times in life when you look back and you say, “Well, that was probably not the most responsible thing I’ve ever done…” Yeah, that happened a couple of weeks ago.

Pai is a small town in northern Thailand, in the Mae Hong Son province. To get there, you can either fly from Chiang Mai, take a mini van from there or…rent a motorbike and ride it all the way there. The latter option seemed much more fun.

See, in Thailand, renting motorbikes is really common especially if you go to small towns and islands. It is the easiest way to get around and also probably the cheapest. But in my past travels, I’d never been too inclined to rent one, as I’d never driven one before and the concept scared me. But when we got to Chiang Mai after a 10 hour-long bus ride, and all my friends seemed so keen on this adventure, I gathered all my courage and nervously agreed on getting one myself.

I mean, I only had to drive around Thailand’s second biggest city and then it would only be 136 kilometers in a road with more than 700 curves. No big deal.

1382321_10202196542555052_3010631210919119410_npretty chill curve if you ask me^

It was pretty scary at first, getting the hang of it and stuff. But once we were on the road that would take us to Pai, I started getting slightly more comfortable and was actually able to enjoy the ride quite a lot. On our way, we stopped at a really cool waterfall, and the whole way there the views were mind-blowing.

10577017_10202218733789819_6865229057577050292_n397553_10202218727749668_9105507528435631473_n 10302094_10202196541195018_24611173766437861_n^Grandpa crew, because we went slower (para que no se preocupen mami y papi 🙂 )1555475_10154717925485705_355930923976028950_nPai is a beautiful town. It is very artsy and you can find great food (for example cheese…lots of cheese, which is a delicacy in Thailand). The walking street had a night market that has a lot of very Pai-thentic stuff (see what I did there?). I really loved this place and would totally come back if I had enough time, it has a very laid back feel to it, which is always nice.


This was our dirty-hippie-heaven kind-of hostel, it was called tha Pai Circus School^1016911_10152738001705490_6139147535384346459_n^…my beautiful sleep companion

And I don’t regret getting on that motorbike. Yes, maybe it was a little dangerous, but hey, when else was I going to do this? (for some, this might not seem like a crazy adventure, but believe me, it was a big thing for me). In fact, if you’re ever in Chiang Mai, you should definitely go to Pai on a motorbike. 200% recommended 😀


Disclaimer: i would have more proof of me in a motorbike, but my phone got stolen on the way back to Bangkok 😦


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