The Full Moon Party at Ko Phangan

When you go to Thailand, the Full Moon Party is something that most people say you have to experience. So I had to experience it.

I did some research before going. Ko Phangan is considered a party island, of course, since they have the monthly full moon party but they also ha(d) the Black Moon Party, half Moon Party, and countless other events. I say had because recently it was announced that all beach parties would be banned in Thailand due to the murder of the British couple in Koh Tao. However, the Full Moon Party can still happen.

Anyways, Haad Rin is the beach where the party goes on, so we booked a hostel there. From the moment you arrive you can feel the party mood of this place. It’s kinda fun, especially because it is so full of people and you know everyone is there for one thing: the FMP.

P1050327I’d heard a lot of things about it. “Don’t bring anything valuable, bring closed shoes, look at your drink at all times…” I was paranoid without being there yet! But in reality, it was a really cool beach party, not as crazy as I thought, but crazy enough for me. I stayed until sunrise, and had a lot of fun.

P1050322 10420290_10152728377290490_2588435172106028351_nThe next days, all I could think of was, “wow, and I’m supposed to be studying abroad”.

10396285_1475888796025182_8911957310595110139_n 10001298_10153390062308484_57754740630569491_n…Because this ^^

We rented motorbikes to wander around the island (I didn’t drive one, just tagged along), and chilled by the beach drinking banana shakes or coconut water, while looking at some of the most astonishing sunsets I’d ever witnessed.


1904144_10152728377615490_5158670839925778005_n10396298_10152728379300490_5499682546108361764_n^^ Really, what’s up with sunsets in Thailand, they’re so beautiful!

We also booked a boat tour to the Anthong Marine Park on a speedboat. The beauty of this place undermined all the pictures I’d seen of Thailand. Tons of small islands, rocks coming out of the ocean, a “praying monkey” island and great company just made this one of the best days I’ve had so far.

DSC01189 1897775_10152728378215490_750197922995701376_n 1016446_10152728377720490_2481904168232610640_n P1050372


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